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Hey y’all. I’m Anna!

And obviously the main photographer here at Anna Jackson Photography

A little about me: I love rainbows, lounging in bed with Hulu, chocolate, my family, sewing, embroidering, repurposing furniture, and attending antique shops/shows! I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was very young. Its been such an eye opener to the things that really matter in life. Its pretty awesome being married too!

Since getting married almost 9 years ago, we’ve had 4 furr babies, 3 houses, and 3 wonderful children (and one more on the way), which I’m blessed with staying home with. Needless to say we’ve been busy and have had our hands full since day one!

So when did I start doing this photography thing?
Well, I dreaded going to my photography class in college and tried everything to get out of the advanced class. I’m so glad I didn’t. I fell in love! So much freedom. So many options. Posing. Lighting. Capturing memories for so many people. I was hooked. My husband got me my first dslr as soon as we found out we were expecting our first son and I began shooting anything and everything I could. I was so blessed to have so many friends ask me to do their pictures. I still participate in classes and workshops around Kansas. I would like to think I’ve built knowledge and friendship through these workshops. I’m still learning. I don’t think photography is something that you ever stop learning. How awesome is that?


Hi, I’m Allan!


I’m Anna’s 2nd shooter when she needs me and of course the husband.
I say random movie quotes in the middle of conversations. I love Chinese food, rebuilding hot rods, and tattoos! I also have a tendency of saying things that sound awesome in my head but make no sense out loud.

I’ve always assisted Anna when needed and shot a little behind the scenes. And officially started 2nd shooting with Anna in 2014. I grew up with 4 sisters so I spent a lot of time in the garage which led me to my career today. I’m the  Service Manager for Concordia Chevrolet-Buick.




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